SPRING 2019 Wedding Trend - COLORS


We're back and we hope you have been enjoying the bustling and fast spring!  We receive a lot of questions about wedding trends for the year and thought we share our trends that we see with you, and explain how we tastefully use them in our design and planning.  Spring is the most popular time we receive these questions, and we must say the colors this year are absolutely stunning! 

The very versatile Spring 2017 Trend Color Pallate.

The very versatile Spring 2017 Trend Color Pallate.

The very first thing to remember is, by definition a trend is just that: 

Trend - verb

1.  change or develop in a general direction.

2.  (of a topic) be the subject of many posts on a social media website within a short period of time.

Trends are nice for a sense of direction for the season, but they are not by any means a way to set the whole tone of your big day.  Always remember the dear words of Karl Lagerfeld - "Trendy is the last stage before tacky." 

The mistake is often one of going over board with colors leading to too much color.  Remember to keep it SIMPLE.  Pulling these Spring 2017 Wedding Colors in bite size pieces is very key.  Just little pops of color in places that are least expected is what works best.  We always remind our clientele to ask at the end - "Will this stand the test of time?"  Let's face it, we've all seen those horrific wedding photos of the past with tacky trends!

Check out the gallery below to see how how our top picks of the season can be achieved for weddings this spring & stand the test of time: 


We hope this inspires you to take a trend and not make it tacky but fabulous in it's own right.  It can always be overwhelming so remember to pace it and step away so you aren't on sensory overload.  If you need help pulling it all together, of course we're always here to help!  Until next time, enjoy the springtime and all of the fun colors!

-The Y&I Events Team


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